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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  July 7, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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thereabouts, 4:30 or 5:00 and i just saw -- my son and i saw this wall of water at the end of our driveway and went down to take a look and there was a huge hole in the ground and a sheet of water going about 15 stories high, maybe higher. very strong, very intense, very powerful. and my neighbor's property is totally flooded. >> and so do you have flooding in your home at this point? >> no. we don't. because it's at the end of the driveway so we don't have any water. just at the end of the street, the mailbox and down at the corner but our house is fine. >> have you checked your water pressure at all? have you seen anybody on the scene working on this? did you call to let someone know this was going on? >> well we saw -- i saw one truck from wssc. that was it. one small vehicle. and some police cruisers. but that was it. didn't look like anybody else was working on it. about an hour ago my neighbor said it had been going on for at least an hour and now it's
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two hours. and it's -- water is still shootk out. >> donna, we know there was a school bus accident there earlier today and we don't know if that has any connection to this but did you see anything that might lead you to think that these two incidents are connected at all? >> actually i did see the bus and that was maybe a block away from this. so it really wasn't that close to where this water main break occurred. my feeling is probably -- i think it wasn't that close. but i'm not sure. >> you talked about the intensity of the water when you first saw this thing, does it seem to be more intense? from where i'm watching, it seems to be more intense but i can't tell like you can. >> well, it seems about the same. but my neighbor reported that she saw it initially, that it has -- that she felt it had increased in intensity since it first started. >> boy, this is a pretty intense week after coming off the water restrictions and now having something like this right outside of your door. what do you make of all of
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this? >> i don't know. i have to -- i'm just hoping they can resolve the problem soon and i hope that my neighbors don't have a problem with too much flooding, i'm concerned about them. >> well we share that same concern, donna. thanks so much for calling us. and if you see anything else or experience anything different, please give us a call and we'll talk to you again. >> okay, will do. >> donna, thank you. again the water main break is having a huge impact on the evening rush. patranya tell us about that. >> this is impacting people who live in potomac. obviously again we want to recap where this is happening so if you're headed that way you know where we are talking about. this is south glenn shut down between deep glenn drive and norton road. this is in potomac. as we zoom into this map to see where it's happening. about # and a half miles from 495 in potomac rights now shut down south glenn between deep glenn and norton road and we're just getting words in from
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crews on the ground that this may be shut down until tomorrow morning at least. so they're expecting big problems and the water will be out there for a while and they have to fix the roads and see what is happening but again it might be until tomorrow morning and we're looking live at 495 about 3 and a half miles from where this is happening and this could impact it because river road is around the water main break. and if you're headed towards river road you will be impacted by this water main break. we'll keep our eyes on this and see what happens later on in the show. lesli, back to you. besides that geyser there, the blistering heat is in our news for a second straight day. the extreme temperatures are causing a rash of dangerous problems up and down the eastern seaboard. topper shutt is on the weather terrace with more on this very hot stuff. >> we just got the final numbers in and records at dulles -- it was just tied at dulles. down a little bit.
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99 downtown. but look at the heat index. still reading 99 so the air is dry. so the temperature is what you feel. what you get is what you feel. 99 downtown. 97 up in gaithersburg. still 100 out in winchester and 102 in fredericksberg. so the high temperatures, a record 102 at reagan national. shattered the report of 99. 101 in baltimore and shattering their record. and they were 105 yesterday and dulles did tie the mark of 101 degrees. for tonight, the nats are in town. going to be a toasty ballgame. if you're in the shade, it will be okay. partly cloudy and warm and low temperatures in the 70s. we'll come back and talk about when the teams go down and the cold front will arrive. in philadelphia, disaster on the delaware river. coast guard is searching for two people still not accounted for. they were among dozens of people thrown into the water when a barge and tour boat collided. tour boat overturned and sank. 35 passengers and a crew of two
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were on board. passengers have pulled everyone to safety except a 16-year-old girl and a 20-year-old man. virginia governor bob mcdonnell said conditions are ideal for wildfires in the state. the republican lawmaker warneds are dents to be careful when doing any -- warned residents to be careful when doing any kind of burning. virginia's level on the water index should be around 200 during the sum sneer a metro bus wrecked and sitting across a family driveway. police say that bus ran into the back of a truck and shot across three lanes of colesville road in silver spring and then on to a sidewalk and into that driveway. the truck driver apparently suffered only minor injuries. bus driver said he was not hurt at all. fortunately he was the only person on the bus and police have cited him for failing to control his speed. trucks normally used for snow removal were out in force
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in northwest washington today. they were called in to clean up a big grease spill on the u. street corridor. the street was closed off to traffic between 9th and 16th streets for most of the morning rush. transportation officials say the problem was caused when a truck carrying some kitchen grease sprang a leak. well people looking to beat the heat in arlington got a bit of a curveball today. budget cuts have forced water parks to drim operation during the hottest time of the year. delia gonsalves is live in arlington where parents want the parks reopened. delia. >> reporter: about an hour ago, i could not stand in this spot without getting absolutely drenched. but now the water is off. it shut off here at lyon village park at 5:00 on the dot. it won't go back on until friday. it's part of the county's closures. today haze park was closed. arlington splash park will shut down for one day even until
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labor day. it should save the county $20,000 in water costs. even with the closures a slash park will always be available and open but it might not be in your neighborhood. >> i can understand that the city and county need to do things like that, but it's disappointing if you don't know and you show up. >> i do understand the fact that they're trying to save, but the kids really need something. it's hot out here. >> and it is hot. the hours were also cut to noon until 5:00 p.m. but since so many parents have called the department and complained, parents that wants to come in the morning or after work, the department is considering extending the hours until 8:00 p.m. now just because the water is shut down, you can see the park is still open, parents and kids are here and enjoying the swings so we'll have a complete schedule listed on our website, log on to learn more. we're live in arlington, delia gonsalves, 9 news now. >> delia, thank you. still to come on 9 news
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now, spy versus spy. accused russian agents nabbed in the u.s. may be heading back to the mother land. and plus owners of tanning bed salons say they are being burned by a new government tax. we'll tell you more about that just ahead.
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well you don't expect those friday night lights to go timber on the football field but some are being recalled after the poles did come down at some schools. here is a look at some of the damage. more than 2500 of these whitco company stadium light poles are being recalled after 11 reported incidents of them falling n. one case a pole came down on a school gymnasium causing serious damage there. now some of the poles are at schools across our area, including spring burk high in silver spring and seneca ridge in sterling. we called many schools and they say they are learning about
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this recall from us. owners of local tanning salons say they are being burned by a new tax. the new health care law imposed a 10% surcharge on the use of ultraviolent indoor tanning beds. supporters say the tax will raise an if estimated $2.7 billion toward health care and discourage a practice that increases the risk of skin cancer. but some business owners are upset. the owner of arlington's solar planet said his sales are down 20% to 30% since the tax went into effect. we're going to take a break and take you out with a look at a huge water main break in potomac. stay with us.
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refreshing change in this apartment. cool air. >> the btu unit is in the air why where the baby is. >> reporter: a woman who wants to remain anonymous is letting her borrow this. this air-conditioning unit is cooling this part of the room but the rest of the apartment is still hot. what matters is the temperature in nia's crib. >> this is a temporary fix. >> reporter: the hallway is over 80 degrees. the condo manager tells us the entire air-conditioning unit may need to be replaced. when we called the management company, they wouldn't comment except to say they are working on it. meanwhile, the montgomery county health department is pulling some strings. >> montgomery county public health nursing was seeing if there was a way i could get temporary places to stay. >> reporter: she will meet with them tonight because of nia's condition. and they can't go anywhere cool. she can not be around people that may be sick and there are
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machines, medication and supplies that will have to be nearby. she said they may put her and nia in a hotel until the air- conditioning is fixed. >> thank you to everyone who has given me the advice and also given me the resource to make my situation better. >> reporter: in montgomery county, i'm lindsey mastis, 9 news now. >> it may sound exactly that the landlord doesn't know what is going on with the air. the condo is connected to a boiler room. the manager said out of 288 units her problem is the only one with problems. maintenance cues have been working -- crews have been working on the air but it is still hot inside. governor mansion wants a election for robert byrd. mansion seen here last friday said he will consider running for the seat himself but not appoint himself to the senate. the west virginia democrat said he wants an opinion from the state's attorney general on whether the election should be
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held this year instead of 2012. that would be the next time bird was up for re-election. it is an espionage drama worthy of the cold war. russia and america appear to be discussing a spy swap. the plan reportedly includes exchanging a russian nuclear expert jailed for passing secrets to the west for accused russian agents arrested in the u.s. last month. a court hearing for three defendants living in northern virginia was abruptly canceled in alexandria today and they were haste illly moved to new york. there was a high level meeting between state department officials and their russian counterparts but the discussions are considered secret. levy johnston is apologizing to former vice presidental candidate sara palin. he tells people magazine he was unhappy and angry when he said things about the palins that were not completely true. johnston is the father of the
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former alaska governor's grandson trip. he has apologized to bristol and she and janston want to turn a new page as coparents and do what is best for baby trip. and so we've been talking about heat and that geyser in potomac. >> but we did it. we had the records today. >> and if you believe you will suffer, you have to break a record. >> well you still prefer 102 to 3 feet of snow? >> absolutely. >> there is the capital thermometer. it's still almost 100 degrees. which is why we say exercise in the morning and not the afternoon. don't try to walk your dog on the pavement either, it will burn their paws. that's true. the next three days. your forecast first. temperatures going down, 92 tomorrow. a few storms. 90 on friday, a few storms. the best chance of storms is on saturday and temperatures because of the clouds and a weak, weak cold front should stay below the 90-degree mark. thursday breakdown, mid-70s tomorrow morning. upper 80s by lunchtime.
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low 90 toss finish out the day. and a few thunderstorms. don't want you to get too excited. they will be few and far between. temperatures right now, 99 at national. 97 in gaithersburg. still 97 in manassas. and 101 down in fredericksberg and still 99 at patuxent river. so for tonight, heat advisory until 11:00, partly cloudy and warm, lows in the 70s with light winds. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy and warm and temperatures in the 70s and 80s. air quality code orange. that's unhealthy air. if you have a respiratory, limit your time outdoors. and friday partly cloudy and not quite as hot. thunderstorms are possible. just a few. high temperatures between 90 and 95, winds easterly at about 10. talking about the heat wave, we started the month and the weekend in great shape. only 87 was the high. 94 on the 4th. and then 99 monday and then a pair of 102s go in the book on
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tuesday and wednesday. and ironically we didn't even bust the record with that 102. we did bust the record today with the 102 today. high temperatures tomorrow, 90 but no triple-digits. 90 in gaithersburg. 92 in rockville. 93 in college park. out to the west, low 90s but if you get far enough out, only 90 in leesberg and only 91 in manassas. so it's going to be hot tomorrow but it will be a little more bearable i think. you get into the triple-digits it gets dangerous. we'll talk about the satellite picture and radar combined. we'll zoom into the gulf of mexico. we'll been talking about this since yesterday. there is a slight chance this could be a tropical storm or tropical depression. if it got to that point it would be named bonnie but right now it's disorganized a little bit but throwing a -- throwing a lot of showers and storms into the texas and lousiana coast. now farther north we're looking at a weak frontal system. this is the front. right now it's stationary, kind of cutting through northwestern missouri, a lot of action in
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terms of storms right on this boundary. that's going to be the cold front that will eventually go through here on saturday. it's not going to be a canadian front, not going to get crisp here, but it will lower temperatures a little bit we think late in the weekend. right now we have clear skies, just a few clouds coming in toward the bay and the delmarva. and next 7 days, 90 tomorrow and a couple of storms. 90 on friday. best chance for storms on saturday. temperatures back into the upper 80s and near 90. and 90 on sunday. and then they do inch back a little bit. low 90s on monday, mid-90s on tuesday and clouds come in late and next wednesday we believe there is a chance of more thunderstorms with temperatures still in the low 90s. so this heat wave, we may see more of these as we go through the summer and we're not actually going from 100 to like 78, we're going to go from 100 to 93. >> terrific. >> 93 feels like 78 after you've had it over 100.
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>> 93 is the new 78. >> or three feet of snow or 102. >> 102. >> but ask me again in january. >> we're talking about spain and the world cup. >> they're going to the final. and do you know how they are partying in madrid tonight of the they always party in madrid but really well tonight. could 11 more of them win the world cup. the slim escape in today's semi final. and the redskins go to bat for ryan zimmerman. so do some other local athletes. cross town love in 9 sports is coming up. are you suffering from frequent heartburn?
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well you may be surprised to know that only 7 nations have ever won the world cup. and despite their rich soccer history and the fact that they are the number one team, spain is not one of the 7. but they are 90 minutes away from changing that fact. world cup semi final against
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germany. only one goal in the match and this was it. 73rd minute, pujol from spain. and after a month of losing their opening match, spain advanced to the world cup final. here is the scene in madrid. they are going to party all night and all day tomorrow. the final against netherlands on sunday. so the miami heat finished 5th in the eastern conference last season and there is now a very good chance they will finish better than that yesterday. because of the free marquis agents just went to south each. dwyane wade and chris bosh have both comed to terms. bosh averaged 24 and 11 for the raptors last year. that would seem to take miami out of the mix for lebron -- maybe. he'll announce his decision tomorrow night at 9:00 which means we will all be able to go back to standing vigil outside
6:27 pm
of brett favres house. no no signings for the wizards so far but this guy is still their prize acquisition. number one pick john wall spent time today working with the kids at archbishop school. and like the rest of us, even he is wrapped up in the lebron saga. >> that's crazy to have a whole hour segment just to pick the way he's going to go, but if you're lebron james you can do certain things like that. >> and you have to do what is best to help you win a championship and make yourself more marketable. >> you have less than 24 hours to vote ryan zimmerman into the all-star game. balloting at and tomorrow and he made a rather emphatic stump speech last night. a walkoff in the bottom of the 9th, the kid is now 6 for 9 with three homers and six rbis
6:28 pm
since sunday. and now other local athletes are campaigning on his behalf. >> this is brian orakpo. >> and london fletcher of the washington redskins. >> please go out there and vote for my boy ryan zimmerman for this year's all-star game. >> take it from two guys who though a think -- who know a thing or two about being defensive. >> so please go out there on and vote today. >> i like the cross town love. there is clyde sims and d.c. units they likewise recorded a message. speaking of all-stars, the nats only representative, closer matt capps spent time with the kids of the boys and girls clubs of greater d.c. and talking about active lifestyles. drew storen was also there. and you have 81 chances to see the nationals play every year. if you want to see washington
6:29 pm
castle star venus play tonight, she will lead against martina things. she only placed a limited schedule. her sister will play next wednesday. big signing for the caps today as they reink jeff shults to a four-year deal. he's part of the magical first round in 2004 when the caps got him, ovechkin and mike green all at the same time. terms not disclosed. finally you see rhubarb the reindeer helping out the ground crew. he works for the takoma rainiers and all good deeds get punished and he gets buried. he was down there for 3 minutes until some grounds crew member exhumed him from his tomb. he tried to pitch in and got buried. >> we hit a record today. >> 102. no records tomorrow but still hot. that's it for us on 9 news now at 6:00.


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